Howgate Village Hall Association

Registered Scottish Charity Number:   SC035372

Howgate is situated within two miles of Penicuik, which itself has a catchment area of almost 7,000 homes with in excess of 20,000 population. Howgate Village Hall is a modern venue which offers flexible space for the leisure and recreational use of the people of Howgate and the wider community.

Howgate Village Hall is the ideal venue for all kinds of events and activities.  It is a place where clubs, groups and organisations can meet, a space where ceilidhs, dances and parties can be catered for and where exhibitions and sales can be held. Howgate Village Hall was extensively refurbished in recent years and also boasts a considerably enlarged car park.

 Aims of HVHA 

HVHA is working towards revitalising this rural village. We are trying to become self-sustaining through various fundraising activities:   social evenings, exhibitions, weekly classes, lets etc. and through the initial and valued support of funders such as Leader+ we are now financially self supporting.

The Association includes the local community in the decision making process and in its implementation of projects which benefit the community as a whole.

We aim to unite as many people as possible through increased community participation with the introduction of new activities including education, research, recruiting volunteers, employment opportunities, developing new skills, and also creating opportunities to bridge the generation gap within the village.  

As there is currently no other facility within a 3 mile radius we have a prime opportunity to involve a captive audience in improving the existing quality of life, welfare, and social skills.


HVHA  Committee - ordinary meetings 

HVHA-Nov.2019-Minutes.pdf HVHA-Nov.2019-Minutes.pdf
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HVHA-Nov.2017-Mintues.pdf HVHA-Nov.2017-Mintues.pdf
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HVHA-Jan.2017-Minutes.pdf HVHA-Jan.2017-Minutes.pdf
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HVHA-Nov.2016-Minutes.pdf HVHA-Nov.2016-Minutes.pdf
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HVHA-Feb.2016-Minutes.pdf HVHA-Feb.2016-Minutes.pdf
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HVHA  Committee - annual general meetings  

HVHA-AGM-Oct.2018.pdf HVHA-AGM-Oct.2018.pdf
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HVHA-AGM-Oct.2017.pdf HVHA-AGM-Oct.2017.pdf
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HVHA-AGM-Oct.2016.pdf HVHA-AGM-Oct.2016.pdf
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HVHA-AGM-Oct.2015.pdf HVHA-AGM-Oct.2015.pdf
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 HVHA committee members 

Chair:   Tom Schofield
Treasurer:   Sarah King
Secretary:   Karen Bennett
Village Hall:  Irene McConnell
Youth Rep. :  (vacancy)


Pat Gordon, Shirley Murray, Irene McConnell, Susan Gracie, Sheena Dawe

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