Howgate Community Council
   monthly - 4th Wednesday, at 7:30pm

Howgate SWRI
   monthly - 2nd Tuesday

   tel:   01968 670 155

   Tuesday 7-8pm,
   Thursday 6-7pm and 7-8pm
   with Kirsten Dunn

Howgate Village Hall Association
   monthly - 3rd Monday, at 7:30pm

Howgate Community Group
   meets -  TBA             at 7:30pm

Bridge Club
   weekly - Monday and Wednesdays
   call:  01968 670 155  /  674 229


Parties     Discos

Pub Quiz Nights      

Family Fireworks  &  Bonfire
French Evenings  Art Exhibition

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us and we'll keep you posted!

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Like to book the Hall
for your own event?

 Booking Page 

call:  Irene McConnell,  01968 672 021
 eM:  Irene.McCconnell17@BTinternet.Com