Are you interested in any of these ideas?   

It will only happen if you let your organisers know by dropping them a request
If there's enough interest then we'll do our best to put something together. 

Better still, if you'd like to organise an event or lead an activity
your contribution and involvement would be much appreciated. 

Or perhaps you just want to promote your own Club or Event?
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Here's just a few suggestions, but feel free to make your own:

                      Golf Tournament        PUB EVENINGS         70’s & 80s Disco

                                        Chess Club                                                 Kids Art Classes

             Multisports for Children                                        Weight Watchers      

          Headstart                               Badminton                               Recycling Project

                        Short Mat Bowling                         Wine Tasting Evening

            Reminiscing Group                        Drama Group                   Guitar Lessons                     

   Health Promotion Events                Annual Village Games               Coffee Mornings   

            Help set up Website               Cooking on a Budget       Cooking for Children

                               Senior Youth Group                            Beetle Drives                     

            Bingo Evening                                                         Car Boot Sale              

                     FARMERS MARKET                 Various social evenings (ideas?)

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