Howgate history project

We aim to meet on the last Thursday of the month, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

For further information, contact Rosemary Marwick on:  01968 672 277   

We usually hold an Annual Exhibition, typically in late summer.

Any changes or additional meetings are intimated in the Howgate Newsletter, or via this website.

 The History Group have recently published their first book 

"Stories from an Edinburghshire village - Howgate"

and consists of the following chapters previously published as pamphlets

-  A living from the Edinburghshire countryside
-    Ravelsyke - A history of the Howgate Restaurant
-    Leadburn, Annsmill & Wellington
-    The People of Howgate Kirk


It became apparent in autumn 2009 that there was a considerable interest in the history of Howgate and the surrounding area. A group met, bringing lots of photographs and telling lots of tales. A small committee was formed and someone came forward willing to write a BOOK. The idea was born!

We started collecting interesting snippets of dramas, tragedies, funny and frightening stories, each one a starter for a chapter of the book. It has been decided to write a ‘small’ book but there has been lots of research done and probably separate booklets will be written about some of the places.

The enthusiasm is infectious – we all get carried away as history unfolds.

What have we found?          Where did we start?

The first story started about a race horse having been sold for 1700Gns. in 1901. Endless snow stopping the trains was another, or 300 silver coins found, or a Foot and Mouth outbreak, or the scarlet fever epidemic, or curling, or bowling, or the woman sitting on the stool at the front of the Kirk congregation for a misdemeanour - or those sent abroad.

More stories and photos are requested. Do not let your story be left out.